Trusting doctors

Trusting doctors

Trusting doctors is a challenge in India. From what I have heard, India has doctors that are just as qualified as the best in the developed countries. If you have sufficient funds, there are medical facilities that match the west at your disposal as well. However, the challenge here is in trusting the doctor’s intent. [...]

Spending more than 2,00,000 per annum on credit cards

If you have have more than 2 lakh rupees of total credit card spending in a given tax year, you should report it when filing your  IT returns in India. More generally, any high value transactions should be reported. This does not result in any extra tax, but just ensures   that the IT department [...]

Following lines in India

  Standing in lines is an unavoidable part of living in a civilized society. Lines help create an order in which people avail some service and help avoid chaos which will ensue if everyone tries to avail that service at the same time. In the 9 years that I spent in the USA, following lines almost became second nature to me. [...]

Buying petrol worth Rs 1000 or 100?

One has to be extremely vigilant while buying petrol. By now we know that the attendant should reset the meter to zero before he starts pumping fuel. Off late, the pump attendants have come up with a new and more vicious scam. Say you want to fill petrol worth 1000 rupees. The attendant will pump 100 rupees of petrol and stop. The clueless customer then reminds that he had asked for a 1000 and not 100 rupees of petrol. The attendant will resume pumping and after the meter reads 900….

Issues in disconnecting a broadband service

My father had disconnected the broadband internet service of a leading telecom company a few months back. The company kept sending bills for every month post the termination of service. My father kept on asking them to stop sending bills and at one point even had to go to the store to get the situation rectified. Very strangely, the telecom company officials were oblivious of what was happening.