Health Insurance Horror Stories

Real Stories of health insurance denials – an eye opener Real life incidents where health insurance or health insurance claims were denied. The names of all concerned parties have been changed. The incidents are purely for reference purpose.   Contributed by: Sandipan Chatterjee, NMIMS   Incident 1: Too fat baby Baabai Shaw, a 4 year [...]

Dealing with taxi drivers in a new city in India

by a TI user Once in Kolkata when I took a metered taxi from Howrah station to Salt Lake, the taxi driver said that the route via Howrah bridge had a lot of traffic jam and asked me if he can take an alternative route which is a “little long” but has less traffic. Unaware [...]

Why we go through agents for getting things in India

Getting a drivers licence for an Indian NATIONAL: Mumbai, Andheri RTO. My friends and I decided to get a licence together. All above 18 now, all Indian Nationals. Address proofs in place, photo in place. Now, along with address proof, for some reason only known to the fellow sitting at the desk, we were required [...]

Fine System in India

While travelling by a city bus in Gurgaon, I missed my ticket on the way. My bad luck was that the same day bus was checked. Although I accepted my mistake of missing the ticket and cooperated with them saying I am open to the punishment as per law by they manhandled me still.Also, I did not bargain for bribe and asked them to fine me as per the rules. They fined my 200 rs. Although the slip handed over to me by them was worth rs 50 only. When I protested about this then they mentioned that the fine has been revised but slips havent been.

Passport office inefficiencies

I went to the passport office to get my rectify a mistake that I made in my passport application form. I went there and there was no one to entertain me. Then somehow I managed to ask someone whom to contact. Then finally when I met the passport officer he was not able to clarify [...]