Buying petrol worth Rs 1000 or 100?

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One has to be extremely vigilant while buying petrol. Most of us by now know that we need to ensure that the attendant resets the meter to zero before he starts pumping fuel. Off late, the pump attendants have come up with a new and more vicious scam. Say you ask them to fill up petrol worth 1000 rupees. The attendant will pump 100 rupees of petrol and stop. The clueless customer would remind that he had asked for a 1000 and not 100 rupees of petrol. The attendant will resume pumping and stop after the meter reads 900.He will say that this 900 along with the previous 100 makes it a total of 1000. What the customer would fail to notice is that the meter was not reset before the second round of pumping. They use many different tricks to distract the customer to ensure he does not notice this.

What should you do? Now that you know this trick, be on the lookout for it. If you still fall prey and suspect you are being cheated, ask the attendant to give you 2 receipts (one for rs 100 and one for rs 900). Make sure that the timings and pump numbers on the 2 receipts are consistent.  If all else fails and a dispute arises, call for the pump manager and take the matter up to him.

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