Certified copies of passports for US

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You may need to submit certified copies of documents like passport, birth certificate etc. in US for several reasons. For example, IRS will issue ITINs only when applications include original documentation, such as passports and birth certificates or certified copies of these documents from the issuing agency. In India, passport can only be certified by Ministry of External Affairs. As India is part of Hague convention, an apostille is required to certify the documents.

What is an Apostille?  A special sign established in 1961 for certifying foreign documents.

Ministry only accepts the documents via certified agencies like VFS global etc. mentioned on the link and not directly.The link for the same :

Where to go

For certification of documents, you need to submit the documents to the ministry of external affairs (located in Delhi)

Required documents

  • Fees to get apostille is Rs 50 and is paid via postal order only.
  • For passport specifically, there is a requirement that a notarized photocopy should be sent to ministry (original not required). A photocopy of this notarized copy is also required for their records.
  • Both front and back photocopy of passport should be on the same side of the page else it will be rejected by ministry.


  • Send the fees and the documents to the ministry (preferrably in person to avoid postage delays and risk of losing your documents)
  • Apostille can easily be obtained in one-two days.

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