Form 26AS

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  • No. of visits required: Not required, can be done online

  • Preparation time: Few minutes to log into net banking or Income Tax website to check details related to your PAN number

  • Total time (from start to end): <1 hour


Required Documents

PAN card that has been registered in the TDS statements


  • Register your PAN on this website

  • Once registered, login with your details.

  • Upon login, select “View Tax Credit Statement” in the “My Account” section

  • Select the year of assessment, your date of birth and submit.

  • This leads to the page where you can view your Form 26AS.

General Information

Form 26 is the tax credit statement that consolidates all the details of tax deducted in the following manner:

  • Tax deducted at source (TDS)
  • Tax collected
  • Advance tax, self-assessment tax etc. deposited by the taxpayer
  • Refunds received during the financial year
  • Investments of more than Rs.1 lakh made in Mutual Funds & Shares

This tax credit statement is very essential to check the already paid up taxes before filing your returns for the financial year. Based on the statement, either additional tax or refund will be applicable.

  • View tax credit statement or Form 26AS, here.
  • Alternatively, you can obtain your Form 26AS through net banking at your bank.
  • Finally, you can also view it here. It is crucial that your PAN is registered with this website.

NRI Corner

The procedure remains the same for NRIs who hold accounts that are taxable.

TI Mantra

  • Form 26AS reflects tax deductions only when the PAN is linked, so ensure updated details with your bank and other financial institutions to avoid missing the TDS.

  • All accounts must be linked to the PAN and if it is not, it is due to the negligence of the financial institution; however you need to be alert and get it updated at the earliest.

  • One common problem is that the deductor does not show the TDS in Form 26AS. This can cause much confusion while filing returns; however remember that you can still mention the TDS in the IT returns form.

  • Another problem that may arise is discrepancy in the amount of TDS deducted by employer and that paid to the Income tax department. For example X amount is deducted from the salary of an employee towards TDS while the Y amount reflects on the Form 26AS, the employer filing a revised TDS for that financial year can rectify this.


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